23 maj, 2020 kl. 18:00 – 20:00 Europe/Stockholm Tidszon
Caregivers Webinar: Genetics & Heritability in Pancreatic Cancer

Welkome to the upcoming Support4Caregivers online webinar and support group, focused on genetics and heritability in pancreatic cancer.

The presenter this month is Spring Holter, board certified Genetic Counsellor, who cares for patients and families with hereditary GI cancers and specializes in pancreatic cancer genetics. She has worked with the Ontario Pancreas Cancer Study at Mount Sinai Hospital and the Wallace McCain Centre for Pancreatic Cancer at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. Since 2005 she has been working with Dr. Steven Gallinger and his research team recruiting families for pancreatic cancer research.

This month’s webinar will take place Saturday, May 23rd @ 1PM Atlantic Time (12PM Eastern/9AM Pacific).

  • Introduction to genetics
  • What is the difference between hereditary and tumor genetics?
  • What do we look for when evaluating families for a hereditary cancer syndrome?
  • What genes cause an increased risk for pancreatic cancer?
  • What is Familial Pancreatic Cancer?
  • What are the risks to family members and is there any screening?
  • Should I get referred for an evaluation and how do I do that?

Participants always have an opportunity to ask questions and share their personal perspectives. This session is open to all pancreatic cancer patient caregivers, regardless of location.

The link for more information and webinar registration is www.support4caregivers.ca

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