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The Cancer Society of PALEMA is the first Swedish patient association that supports those directly and indirectly affected by cancers of the pancreas, liver, stomach and esophagus; promoting accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Support and research

PALEMA wants to contribute to support and help those who suffer and give a public voice to those affected, in order to create better conditions for more research and development, so that these cancer-forms can be better overcome and treated.

Treatment results of these cancers has not developed as well as for many other cancer-related diseases. One explanation is that “our” diseases have not been given priority when research funding is allocated. One of the association’s tasks is to change this!

Increase funding

Experience from other patient groups shows that a strong and active patient association, which among other things. a. The driving public opinion surveys, leading to improved care and improved patient outcomes, not least because of increased funding for research. The association’s voice and activities is to make a difference for directly and indirectly affected and to promote a more human health care system in Sweden!