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Cancer in general
Pancreatic cancer

+46 10 146 51 10


The Cancer Society of PALEMA is the first Swedish patient association that supports those directly and indirectly affected by cancers of the pancreas, liver, stomach and esophagus; promoting accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

PALEMA started its operations the winter of 2015

We are a non-profit organization and rely mainly on membership and donations. The current results for treatment of these cancer types have not developed well in comparison with other related diseases in the cancer field.

One explanation is that ”our” conditions havn’t  been prioritized when funding has been allocated. One of our goals is to change this and raise awareness!

Our public voice and activities will make a difference for the affected, both direct and indirect. And we should also achieve an impact within the caregiving system!

PALEMA has the goal and function to work for prevention, combatting and lessen the effects of the cancer forms, pancreas, liver, stomach and esophagus. We also strive for a better healthcare and improvement of living conditions for those affected in this group.

This is what PALEMA do according to the statutes:

  • offer support and help with contacts for patients and relatives that is, or have been in the same situation.
  • promotion of more local associations in Sweden.
  • Inform about the variants of cancer that the organisation represents, and its consequences.
  • influence the caregivers and the decision makers to achieve a higher priority regarding the prevention, combatting and alleviation of these diseases.
  • procure funds to promote research, development and education in accordance with the goals of the organization.

What can we do for you?

Swedish cancer care is of  high quality as a general. Nevertheless, there is a great demand for a patient organization where your needs and experiences can be met on a more personal level. People that have been or is affected, either directly or as relatives by cancer in the upper abdomen. Examples of activities:

  • We support contacts between the sick and relatives to facilitate shared experiences and give help to those who have been or is in the same situation.
  • We educate people in supporting roles who are able to work individually and in groups, from their experiences and competence with our diagnosed diseases.
  • We have a closed Facebook group to facilitate contacts.
  • We offer opinions on the education programs regarding our diseases with the purpose of pointing out the perspective of the patients. This will improve the health care overall.
  • We conduct information meetings where members of PALEMA and the professional care givers meet.
  • We are represented in the development units within cancer care that concerns our diseases.
  • We provide a website. www.palema.org with relevant articles and up to date links, seminars, webinars etc.

Support and research

PALEMA wants to contribute to support and help those who suffer and give a public voice to those affected, in order to create better conditions for more research and development, so that these cancer-forms can be better overcome and treated.

Treatment results of these cancers has not developed as well as for many other cancer-related diseases. One explanation is that “our” diseases have not been given priority when research funding is allocated. One of the association’s tasks is to change this!

Increase funding

Experience from other patient groups shows that a strong and active patient association, which among other things drive public opinion , leads to improved care and improved patient outcomes, not least because of increased funding for research.

Contact Us
PALEMA would like you to provide certain information about yourself so that we can contact you with information that you request and to solve your possible problem. You hereby agree that PALEMA processes personal data about you in accordance with the above. See also our privacy policy here.

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