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Cancer in general
Esophageal cancer (esophageal cancer)
Gastric cancer (stomach/ventricular cancer)
Pancreatic cancer

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010 / 146 51 10

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Support the Cancer Society of PALEMA

PALEMA is the first and so far only Swedish cancer organisation that provides support to those who have been diagnosed with cancer in the upper abdomen, i.e. in the pancreas, liver or bile ducts, stomach or oesophagus.

Treatment outcomes for these cancers have not progressed as well as for many other cancer-related diseases. One explanation is that these diseases have not been prioritised when research funding has been allocated. One of the tasks of the Association is to change this! We need your support to change this.

Experience from other cancer organisations shows that a strong and active association, which, among other things, drives opinion issues, leads to improved care and improved treatment results, not least due to increased funding for research.

The voice and activities of the association will make a difference for those directly and indirectly affected and in healthcare!

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What do we need contributions for?

PALEMA is a non-profit, non-religious and non-party-political organisation. Those involved in the organisation work entirely on a non-profit basis, i.e. without financial compensation.

In order to make a difference to the health and lives of those affected, we need more funding.

We are completely dependent on donations and are very grateful if you want to support our activities in one way or another!

Read more about how we use the donations and gifts we receive here.

What do we use your support for?

In addition to the volunteers, we currently have a number of paid resourses who together correspond to less than one full-time position. They work with the daily activities in the office, editorial office and IT support.

This is one of the parts of the business that we would like to expand to be able to get more continuity in our daily work.

Examples of activities we work on today and where our resources go

  • We provide information about the cancer diagnoses the association represents, and their consequences.

  • We support contact activities between those affected and their families in order to share experiences and support those who are/have been in the same situation.

  • We work with various regional associations in Sweden.

  • We publish in various social media to reach out as widely as possible with our message.

  • We have closed Facebook groups to facilitate contacts between our members.

  • We are a referral body and provide, among other things, comments on our diseases' care programs in order to highlight the patient perspective and thus influence even better care.

  • We organize information meetings - both physical and digital - where PALEMA members and the profession meet.

  • We are represented in some of the cancer care development groups that relate to our diseases.

  • We offer a website, www.palema.org, with relevant and up-to-date links, diagnosis information and more.

  • On the website and social media, we publish articles in our areas of interest, both self-written and republished from other media.

  • We publish a quarterly newsletter.

Examples of things we want to work on more and that require additional resources

  • We want to influence healthcare decision-makers to achieve high priority for the prevention, control and mitigation of our diseases.
  • We want to train more support workers who, through their experience and expertise in our diseases, want to support others - individually or in groups.

  • We work to ensure that our regional associations develop and grow in Sweden.

  • We work to get an Ambassador network around the regions.

  • We want to participate in more cancer care development groups, both regionally and nationally.

  • We want to create a research fund to support the development of new medicines and treatment methods.

  • We want to do more to ensure that our diagnoses are classified as "Blue Light Cancer" and thus treated as an acute disease.

  • We want to work more to ensure that those affected receive equal and individualized care where they are put at the center - from diagnosis to a good and dignified life.

  • We want to work to ensure that cancer can be detected before symptoms appear.

  • In the long term, we want to see a cancer-free society.

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