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Cancer in general
Esophageal cancer (esophageal cancer)
Gastric cancer (stomach/ventricular cancer)
Pancreatic cancer

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010 / 146 51 10

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For private individuals

As an individual, there are several things you can do to support us at PALEMA.

The most important thing is that you become a member, because the more members we have, the more legitimacy we get and the more we can influence!

Becoming a member costs SEK 150 per year and you can sign up directly below for that, BUT you can also choose to become a monthly donor. Then the membership is automatically included as long as you give a monthly donation to us.

Read more below about the different ways you can help make us a stronger organisation.

Different ways to support us:

Become a member

You are warmly welcome to become a member of the PALEMA cancer organisation. Membership costs SEK 150 per year.

Swish a gift

Make a quick and easy small gift to us and pay directly by the swedish pay method swish if you use it.

Give an anonymous gift

If you would like to make a donation anonymously, that is of course perfectly fine.


Swish a gift

Here you can quickly and easily swish a gift to PALEMA if you use the swedish pay method “Swish”. Just click on the amount you want, scan the QR code with your swish app and pay. Done!

If you want to pay other amounts than those stated, just change the amount directly in the Swish app before paying. If you want to pay by card or invoice instead of Swish – click on “Other payment method” and read how.

PLEASE NOTE!  This swish number must not be used for memorial gifts, payments of membership fees, purchases in the webshop or for anything other than “simple” gifts. The other functions have their own payment systems and then the payments will be wrong and not noticed, which can lead to unnecessary payment reminders, gift letters that fail to arrive, etc.

Swish gift 50 SEK

Swish gift 100 SEK

Swish gift 200 SEK

Swish gift 300 SEK

Swish gift 400 SEK

Swish gift 500 SEK

Swish gift 750 SEK

Swish gift 1000 SEK

Give an anonymous gift

If you want to make a gift completely anonymously, that is of course perfectly possible. Just pay an amount of your choice to
Bankgiro: 588-5785
Swish number: 123-338 01 85.
Specify “Anonymous gift”.

If you are paying from abroad, you can use these details:
Iban-nummer: SE3450000000052031030418
SEB’s Bic code: ESSESESS
Address to SEB: SEB, 106 40 Stockholm


This bankgiro account or swish number must NOT be used to pay membership fees, commemorative gifts or purchases in the webshop or anything other than an anonymous gift. In that case, it will be registered incorrectly and you risk, for example, not receiving a gift letter or receiving an unnecessary and unpleasant reminder. If you have any questions and need information on how to pay for something else, please contact kansli@palema.org. Thank you very much!

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