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Cancer in general
Esophageal cancer (esophageal cancer)
Gastric cancer (stomach/ventricular cancer)
Pancreatic cancer

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Top five list for a good quality of life

What does quality of life actually mean? Researchers at Lund University analysed 356 different health factors in almost 30 000 men and women aged 50-64. Using AI, they were able to rank all the different variables and come up with a top five list. There are many...

Fact sheet for people with a duodenal stent

For those who have or will have a duodenal stent, read more about this – including how to manage your diet – in a fact sheet from Pancreatic Cancer UK.  After you eat, food moves from your stomach into your duodenum, which is the first part of the small...

AI Predicts Future Pancreatic Cancer

An artificial intelligence tool has successfully identified people at the highest risk for pancreatic cancer up to three years before diagnosis using solely the patients’ medical records. This according to new research led by investigators at Harvard Medical School...

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